Women's School

Women's School

Women are severely disadvantaged in Pakistan. In the Iqbal Town district, too, most women are kept away from education. They have to stay at home, help their parents around the house and are usually married at a very young age, barely 20 years old. We start an educational project for women and offer courses in which they develop their skills and gain independence and self-confidence.

Training to become a tailor

We offer a course for tailors: the women learn to sew dresses independently from selected fabrics according to patterns. This gives them the opportunity to work independently as a tailor or to find a job in a tailor's shop.

Cosmetics training

In Pakistan, cosmetics are a cultural asset with many rules and regulations. In our center, women can complete vocational training to become a beautician, which includes applying make-up, hair and body care and painting henna patterns. With the knowledge they have acquired, the women can pursue self-employment or find a job in a beauty salon.

Promote solidarity among women

After the courses, which take place every morning, there is an exchange between the women: you can bring in your concerns, your ideas and your problems and discuss them with each other. This creates a strong sense of togetherness among women who help and strengthen each other.