Hope for Children

Children's home "Hope for Children" in Islamabad

Our children's home offers space for around 24 children. A family community is growing in which the children feel comfortable and can develop well. In addition to good structures and regulated processes, there is plenty of freedom for games and leisure time.

Give the kids a chance

The children who live with us have a difficult past. They have previously lived in abject poverty without a family. With us, they get the chance for education and good development. All children attend the public school, which is within walking distance from our house. In addition, there are tutoring and support classes by a teacher in our house in the afternoon.

A big family

We want to be one big family: The caregivers Sahrish Pervez, Nabeel and Anoosha are like parents to the children and are affectionately called Papa and Mama by them. This creates an atmosphere full of trust in which the children can become mentally healthy. 

A home

There is a lot of space and freedom of movement in the newly built house of the children's home. The large roof terrace is used as a playground where the children can move around freely. The view from the narrow and stuffy streets of the slum opens up into the distance. We want to offer the children perspectives for their future.