Christians in Pakistan

Christians in Pakistan live under difficult circumstances. They are disadvantaged and often persecuted in the Muslim society. So they live in their own neighborhoods and slums, which offer them protection but are neglected by the government.


In the center's house in the middle of the Christian district of Iqbal Town, we provide people with a public space in which they can celebrate and live their faith together.

Create living spaces

Every Sunday there is a church service in our center. Women in particular take an active part in the design and liturgy. Children are also welcome and sing songs that they have practiced together.


People who can live their faith in a safe environment meet regularly at the center, which encourages and strengthens them in their often difficult everyday lives. Every Sunday there is a communal meal after the service.


It is the basis of Christian spirituality and ethics to include, support and respect those on the margins of society. In our center, people have the space to meet each other with dignity and live their faith.