Tree of Hope Foundation

Hope for Children 

Welcome to the Tree of Hope Foundation

in Iqbal Town, Islamabad 

we help improve lives

سینٹر آف ہوپ پاکستان میں خوش آمدید

اقبال ٹاؤن اسلام آباد میں

ہم زندگی کو بہتر بنانے میں مدد کرتے ہیں۔

Tree of Hope Foundation is a charitable organisation authorized by the government of Pakistan related to the swiss association "Hope for Children Pakistan"

The house of "Hope for Children"

The new house, opened in 2022 and enlarged in 2023, in Iqbal Town gives on three levels a home to many children and has a lot of public space to accomodate the sunday services and the woman's School. 

Up to 24 children are living in the children's home, they don't have parents who could care for them. So they get what they need for a good education, they can grow up in a safe environment in a caring family atmosphere. 

We offer courses for women to give them a chance to aquire skills and to be able to find a specific job. Stitching courses and courses for body care and beautician. The courses take place in the public rooms of the center of hope. 

Each Sunday from 11 am till 1 pm a sunday service takes place with a pastor and the team of the center of hope. Especially women and children can participate in the celebration of the service. After the service there is an opportunity to get together and eat together.

An ambulance is stationed in the House of "Hope for Children." There is an ambulance service on demand. People of the neighbourhood can call by an emergency number the ambulance to bring sick and injured people to hospital. 

Adress in Pakistan:

Tree of Hope Foundation Children‘s home „Hope for Children“

Iqbal Town, Rickshaw stop near maryam baker‘s,  44000 Islamabad

Our team in Pakistan and in Switzerland 

Sahrish Pervez

Manager of the children's home "Hope for Children" and Member of the "Tree of Hope Foundation"

Nabeel Mashi Ghauri

Chairman of the "Tree of Hope Foundation, and Co-worker in the children's home Hope for Children

Anoosha Pervez

Co-worker in the children's home Hope for Children

Matthias Müller Kuhn 

Pastor and chairman of the Association "Hope for Children Pakistan" in Switzerland

Switzerland and Pakistan is working together

Tree of Hope Foundation is related to the Swiss association "Hope for Children Pakistan"